Monday, December 24, 2007

A Bible Reading Challenge - update

I have really enjoyed the Bible reading challenge so far. It has not been easy to find time each day to keep up my reading schedule, but making the Word a priority each day is paying off in unexpected ways.

Though I was afraid I wouldn't be getting much out of my reading, I find instead that I have many things to pray about, meditate on, and apply each day. It has been incredible! Reading in large sections has enabled me to appreciate more the 'big picture' of God's redemptive plan. It is really different that my study of isolated passages.

I was also fearful of being legalistic about the reading, but this is not about my salvation (that's already taken care of) and it is not about being super-spiritual and superior to those who aren't reading as much as I am. This experience is about me immersing myself in the Word of God every day. It has been rewarding.

Keep praying for me as I seek to complete the reading by January 31, 2008!

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